3 Best Foods for Kidney Stone Prevention

The suffering of stone formation in the kidneys is one of the most common concerns of most people there. Unhealthy dietary habits and inadequate water consumption are the main reasons for the formation of stones in the urinary tract.

The accumulation of dissolved minerals in the inner lining of the kidneys results in the formation of stones that can grow from small to the size of a large golf ball with a crystalline structure.

As mentioned previously, insufficient water in the body leads to the formation of stones in the kidney because inadequate water supply fails to reduce uric acid, making the urine more acidic, which leads to the formation of stones gradually. The most common symptoms of this disorder are bleeding and burning during urination, vomiting and the formation of pus in urine with fever and tremors.

Doctors and medical researchers have suggested maintaining a healthy lifestyle supported by a nutritious diet. More importantly, regular consumption of at least 8-10 cups of water or healthy juices reduces the risk of kidney stones. If you are sufficiently moisturized, your system will help reduce the chemicals responsible for shaping the stones.

Apart from water, the inclusion of the best 3 dietary habits in your diet can play an important role in the prevention of kidney stones. Like:

1. Increase citrus intake: The best sources of citric acid that occur naturally are lemon, orange and grapefruit. Citric acid builds a protective shield against the formation of stones in the kidneys. It helps break down possible blocks of stone formation into smaller pieces that are expelled by peeing.

2. Include calcium (vitamin D): Lower your oxalate level by inserting more calcium into your diet. It is always recommended by health experts to extract calcium from natural sources rather than supplements.Otherwise, dark green vegetables, nuts, seeds, and legumes are also a rich source of calcium. It is also necessary to increase the amount of vitamin D, because it helps absorb more calcium. The lower the calcium level in your diet, the more is an increase in the level of oxalate which is the primary charge for stone formation.

3. Aquatic fruits and vegetables: Although drinking sufficient amounts of water and healthy fluids are recommended to prevent the formation of stones, doctors are devising the consumption of fruits and vegetables to remove the water stones. The inclusion of fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, raspberry, orange, cucumber and pineapple helps maintain body hydration and thus reduce the possibility of stone formation in the kidneys and urinary tract.

The accumulation of stones depends on many factors including genetic and medical conditions that also prove that one person may suffer from kidney stones several times during his / her life and men are worse than suffering from the formation of chronic stones. The prevention of the causes of this complexity is a somewhat difficult process that requires some patience and determination. One must not ignore the initial symptoms of stone formation before it takes a fatal leap.

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