Uses and Benefits of Lemon

Lemon, a citrus fruit when tasting it brings a sour expression on your face. Although not consumed separately, the lemon taste is unique. It also has four seasons because it has the ability to produce fruits and flowers together throughout the year, Femenillo St Teresa, located in Italy, Yen Bin, Resident in Australia. Did you know that lemon was born in Asia. Although the lemon comes in the fruit category, it is only part of each recipe. Whether it is fruit, salads, chicken, vegetables or fish, lemon can be added to almost everything, as the taste shows better. The name of the dish can not be improved after adding lemon in it (with tea as an exception). Lemon is absolute and versatile with endless benefits.

Lemon is basically a vitamin C home. C is the vitamin your body needs most. It helps maintain body functions and regulates the immune system. Lemon produces juices needed for digestion.
It also purifies lemons can be used during cholera and malaria as a treatment.
Doctors strongly recommend lemon juice. After a workout session, drinking lemon water can replenish body salt. It also has antibacterial properties.
Lemon juice has been shown to be effective in weight loss.
You can use lemon as a preservative for many things like apples, avocados and bananas, where lemon acid can prevent it from changing color or fluctuating. Just apply lemon juice to sliced ​​portions.
If your rice becomes sticky, just add lemon juice, separate it and refresh it again. Lemon juice also helps maintain pH levels in the body.
The lemon flavor is very good for the skin. Smoothes skin and removes scars and pores.
Not only lemon flavor, but lemon leaf leaves are also very helpful. You can use lemon leaves in tea, fish and other seafood and chicken.
You can use lemon oil for aromatherapy, it will calm your body and give you relaxation.
Apart from odors, lemon can also be used to calm your feet. In a bucket we take warm water and then press it with lemon.
Stretch your feet for 10 to 15 minutes. You will feel comfortable and your feet will rest.
By using coconut oil mixed with lemon juice you can get rid of the crust.
The amount of citric acid found in lemon is more than other fruits like grapefruit and oranges. Lemon contains citric acid twice more than grapefruit and 5 times more than orange juice.

Lemon essential ingredient in almost all recipes. Visit our website to see some delicious and healthy recipes that will satisfy your taste.

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