4 Actions Home Health Leaders Should Take

When you become an owner, manager, or administrator of a home health agency, people look to you for leadership, clarification, and guidance in the right direction. Even if they do not ask for it, they want it. When I went to a leading position a few years ago, I was looking for someone who could guide me and show me “ropes.” I started reading many of the command books I can get. However, most of what helped me was watching leaders and mentors such as Oprah, Tony Robbins, and Luc Brown, and a group of unknown leaders in various professions at work. YouTube is a great location for easy access to the world’s top leaders.
I found it was hard to find someone in a leading position taking time to let me know the ropes. Hey! I had to learn the hard way through many trials and mistakes. I finally realized that in some industries there is no emphasis on the concept of mentoring and “novice” training. You are alone, especially if you need help with home health.
So there are many home health agencies that need expertise in managing clinical services on board and are now employing nurses without home health experience, which could jeopardize the success of the agency. Having the right person and the right processes is essential to meet the requirements of the mandate and federal requirements. Thus, acquiring a person with great skills, experience and knowledge is becoming more important in the home health industry.
What about home care agencies (personal care)?
While home care agencies are not required to have a director of clinical services, the manager still needs specific qualifications required by state regulations.
As a first time administrator, manager, owner, or director of clinical services, here are some strategies any leader can use to succeed.
1. Be drawn from the first order
This means that you are being physically or mentally anchored and that you are not distracting from everything that is happening around you. Being a good listener will make you more appreciative of what the other person is saying. Will be more effective in solving problems. It may take a lot of practice, consistency and effort on your behalf to listen to your employees, especially if you disagree with what that person is saying. We must remind ourselves of the benefits of listening more than talking. We should not judge the employee who is speaking, and look at the situation from his point of view.
2. Be the best communicator
Being a leader able to communicate successfully will be the key to your success. Great communication skills must be necessary for all agency owners, managers or administrators. This is a skill that will greatly improve over time with practice.
3. Have a vision for your agency
The great leader must have a clear and exciting vision for the future of his agency. This vision should be clear to everyone who works for your agency, customers, and business partners. What are your goals for the Agency? Share these goals with people who are interested and can help you clarify your goals.
4. Find a great leader to simulate
As I mentioned before, when I started my journey as a leader for the first time, I was looking for someone who could be a role model and a good leader. Of course, there was no person in the home health care industry or me to simulate. Who do you know is a successful leader as a household health officer, owner, or manager? Good question huh! Since our choices are very limited, we must simulate people from other industries to guide us to success and prosperity.
A leader who can demonstrate his commitment to be persistent, honest, risking, and discovering ways to develop innovative solutions, will be successful in developing highly profitable businesses.
Being a great leader will not happen overnight, but once you do these four things, you can begin to learn a lot about yourself and what good leaders are doing to succeed. You will find what suits you and what you need to learn to continue to grow as a great leader. If you enjoy reading about driving, let me encourage you to review the different driving programs on this site.

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