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Physical therapy or holistic wellness is based on the full well-being of the person, the mind, the body and the spirit. Unlike traditional medicine, holistic wellness follows and integrates both ancient wisdom (which has been tested before) on public health and healing with modern discoveries in modern biology, heredity and quantum physics. This is achieved through exhumation to a state of equilibrium and perfection using the mind (positive psychology), body (food, drink, herbs) and spirit (beliefs, creativity and communication). This began with the “Fathers” of modern medicine, which is Hippocrates and Paracelsus.
Hippocrates in the fourth century BC. Who exercise overall wellness by discovering the source of any imbalance in the person and then gently influencing them once again their normal state of recovery (holistic or inclusive state) using both positive psychology, as we call it today, and comprehensive natural herbal remedies.
Later in the 15th century, C.E. , The creator of modern chemistry, looks at the universe and everything in it as one cohesive one. He taught that humans must be in harmony with their environment (macrocosm) and that life is dominated by the spirit of life. He also recommended natural foods, herbs and mental states that helped healing and re-harmony between the person and his environment.
Modern biology has shown that although we are influenced by our genetic traits and family preferences, we can deliberately choose to go beyond our “genetic programming” to reach the state we really want to be. In fact, modern genetic research has clearly shown that our environment and, more importantly, what we believe about our environment controls genes that open up or express themselves in our experience. This is called gene transcription, and can be largely controlled by the removal of unchallenged inherited beliefs, or those that no longer serve our best interests. Ancient doctors knew somehow about this at an intuitive level, as they did not have the technology as we know it to look at cellular biology.
Modern science also shows that our hearts, as well as our whole body, possess an original intelligence, “non-local warmth” that gives vital vibrations that can be measured with electronic equipment. This is called “the wisdom of our body”. This ancient culture was known and sought to provide our body with a balanced approach to wellness. Kirlian’s photography has been around for more than 100 years now, and clearly shows that all forms of living have a vital area surrounding this form of life. This energy field shows the full outline of the body or life form (leaf, leaf, animal, etc.) even if a part of the physical body or plant leaves is completely cut and thrown away! Acupuncture meridians have also been verified recently (thanks to NASA equipment) for their presence just as Chinese and Indian traditional Ayurvedic doctors have long stated!
Hippocrates is called the “father of medicine”, and all modern doctors lead the section “no harm”. He taught the holistic model of medicine, and even used astrology to find beyond the actual source to the actual imbalance, and to educate the client about the potential potential difficulties that may affect the patient’s future health. His foundation was based on nature (sunshine, exercise, healthy foods) as well as fresh air and clean water. Paracelsus also used metaphysics and chemistry in his successful healing practice. These universal wellness fundamentals are still relevant today (as few people can see with complete recovery), but are no longer followed by the majority of medical doctors in Allopathic. They take the Hippocrates department for the first time no harm; unfortunately, much harm is done, although it is usually unwittingly, I sincerely hope. Paraselsus, the great doctor, was also a metaphysician such as Hippocrates and Galen before him. Natural therapy (indicating nature) and mass (in reference to perfection and balance) must be the keystone of any smart doctor’s practice as it is, and has always been, the beginning or origin of optimal health and wellness.
Doctors and medical practitioners in natural and sensory medicine seek to find a source of malfunction in the whole person and recommend changes that bring the person back to optimal health at all levels. This treats the person and not the disease. This is a very important distinction as we will show you what we are doing on this site. This is achieved first through a state of existence (we are human beings, not human beings), we find a source of rest (the absence of a state of ease, our natural state) and conform to the wisdom of our bodies.
As Albert Einstein stated, we must resolve a dis-easy or disrupt (problem) at a higher level than its appearance. Modern medicine continues to focus on treating the “effect” and rarely reaches the “cause” of the effect. If you are treating the disease but not the cause – your condition will certainly return. That’s why most cancers return because we continue to kill the effect but do not see why. Spiritual, mental, emotional and environmental levels must be restored to wellness and balance first. This is exactly why we are here. So, join us on a journey that will restore health and happiness to our own control, and you can do it, and we can help! Start your journey now.
James is a life-long student who defends overall health, fitness, nutrition and spirituality and embraces the full unity of all forms of life. He specializes in teaching others how to achieve the best state of wellness and happiness in their lives by living in harmony with their own inner wisdom. This naturally leads to more “moments of luck” as you find yourself actively in the flow of things, especially those you wish to achieve. The key I personally discovered is “feeling better” – the more you experience the kinds of experiences you want in your life. This starts with Optimus Wellness, and James can help you draw the course you choose and learn to “smell” and “reap” roses (whatever their kind) along your way.

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