In-Home Caregiver Shortages Causing Issues For Seniors And Their Families

As the infant generation continues to grow, the shortage of home care workers at home is reaching the breaking point. There is not enough living facilities subsidized by the elderly at reasonable prices, and most children do not wish to leave their homes anyway. This leaves little choice. Some families have at least one offspring with the resources, patience, knowledge and time to care for their elderly parents, but this is not always the case. What about small families? The chances are slim nothing.
Many of the baby boomers gathered a nice nest in later years and will employ a caregiver at home. Some do not have the ability to understand how to deal with these challenges, how to look for help; therefore, their children are left with challenges; find a reputable agency and try to get a fair and reasonable price for caregiver services.
┬áReally My Daughter?” By Claire Annesbury, published on July 21, 2018. The article noted many unfortunate and erratic trends such as the number of people over the age of 70 without any husband taking care of them. Also, fewer options to secure long-term care where some companies have stopped providing such insurance coverage. Another problem is the percentage of our population challenged by obesity and deteriorating health. Dementia numbers are also increasing.
Children born from the next generation of children and the next generation had fewer children, limiting the possibility that a child could stop their lives to care for their elderly parents.
Within 10 years there could be a 13% increase in the number of caregivers – this is good news – but there will be an 84% increase in the number of people over 65. Even worse, the number of people suffering from Alzheimer’s is expected to be estimated To increase 150% by 2030, provided no cure is found. Demographics do not lie here.
Well, what happens with a lack of anything? Supply and demand 101 dictate that prices will rise. If the cost of nurses and facilities to house the elderly – there will be a greater demand for home care providers paid. Who will fill this vacuum with increasing shortages? Well, maybe anyone wants a job that brings me to the last point.
How do you know that you are receiving a qualified caregiver or professional? Better to hire an agency that does a solid background check, and knows what to look for, otherwise, the challenge of caring for love may increase significantly. Think about this.

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