Never Kiss A Parrot

Beware of pets that can become healthy pests!

Because if you gave him an unwanted click, he might give you the disease. Whazzat? This is another way of spelling “deadly gravity” … During that time, you may also be careful of claws (ouch!), (Scratched, scratched!) Flea jumping, and (Eeeagh!) Larvae -scary …

If you are suddenly trapped by high temperature, chills and severe headaches, you may think you have malaria. Or even pneumonia. So your doctor may. Then a wide range of anti-malarial drugs may be prescribed – even those for resistant malaria. Will not improve, so it will turn into strong antibiotics. Again, do not go. Then you hit all of your forehead in frustration. But finally, if your doctor is well aware, he will ask if you have a bird. You will answer in the affirmative. Suddenly, his face will be lit with the expression “Eureka”. I’ve just realized that you suffer from Psittacosis.

Come again, as you say, Psittacosis. It is a disease transmitted by birds. When parrots and parrots are the culprit, sorry, carrying, Ornithosis, is the word used. Other birds carrying this disease are pigeons and poultry (although it is very rare to get sick from chickens). Apart from the symptoms mentioned above, you can get severe cough, dry and intermittent and sometimes cause a little sputum and even blood. There is generalized general pain and the back and neck muscles can become severe and painful, so doctors can make a mistake in diagnosing the condition due to meningitis. Some patients feel tired, cruel, depressed and complain of insomnia as well. With this wide range of possible symptoms, it is easy to see how doctors can be misled. Especially when you consider the possibility of other complications of this disease – including pleurisy with the influx or water in the lungs, myocardial infarction or membrane myocarditis or pericarditis. The disease can prove fatal. In fact kissing parrots, not washing your hands after dealing with birds (and dishes to feed them) before sitting down for lunch, staying close to them can make you a victim of degeneration after a week or two of contact, However, sometimes, you can only get a mild flu-like that may go by itself.

But why take chances? The disease can be diagnosed by X-ray procedure; this shows a pneumonia-like image. There is also a protein in the urine. But the confirmation test is a bloody culture that reveals the underlying bacteria. Otherwise, the general picture of the disease can be confusing, since it may be wrong to be considered Psittacosis due to tuberculosis and the number of infectious white blood cells as well as the other cases mentioned above. Tetracycline is the best medication for this disease.

Beware of the claws of the pussy!

You may have heard of a disease called cat scratch disease, but is there really something like that? Yes, there, though rare. All you need is a cat and sharp claws and some provocation and – ouch! She bothered her fingernails to you! what happened after that? A small, pimple-like swelling may appear at the scratch site, approximately three to ten days later. Two weeks later, the lymph nodes in the neck (or armpits or thighs) become swollen and painful. Often, this is all that happens. But in some patients there may also be high fever, headache, nausea and fatigue. Only five per cent have measles-like rash.

Skin test confirms diagnosis. Biopsy of the swollen gland can also be an additional confirmation.

The disease can not be transmitted from person to person, so there is no need to isolate the sufferer. Usually, there is no need for treatment, except giving medicines for fever. The result is excellent. Swollen glands disappear spontaneously within two to six months. The subsequent immunity to this disease lasts a lifetime. In general, this disease is very rare, so you do not need to get rid of poor cats.

Watch out for those missing swarms

One can get skin irritation from fleas of dogs, cats and rats. Many people do not show any response to flea sting, but in those with allergies, flea saliva causes a small red swelling. There is severe itching, so it scratches the affected area over and over again, resulting in skin infection with inflammation of the skin that ulcers or pimples. This condition is known as flea inflammation. One can control the fleas by keeping the home and all pets thoroughly clean (same too!), Regularly dousing one pet and their bed with powders or using flea collars. Dermatitis is treated with soothing creams and anti-allergic pills.

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