How Well Do You Know, Your SELF?

Many of us, suffering, choose to try, to be, like anyone else, rather than trying to become, just the best, we can be! In order to do this, it is necessary to begin with the commitment and desire to be as independent and objective as possible, so that we aim to meet our personal needs, rather than focusing on the satisfaction of others and / or, on occasion, with a package! In other words. Ask, how much do I know, about myself, and why, I want to love this person, and if there is anything, I should do, to make myself happier, healthier, wiser and more satisfied / satisfied with myself? With this in mind, this article will briefly try, study, consider, review, and discuss, using a mnemonic approach, why this makes a big difference to our personal well-being and thus public health!

1. Strengths serves. Special; stronger; solutions; maintain: How do you know your personal strengths well, as well as weaknesses? Is the way, as you go forward, through life, serving your best interests? How to be distinctive, and what can you do, to improve the use of your skills and strong points, to make you stronger and more able to move forward in your life? What you may commit to, in order to keep your presence, make yourself, complacent, and personally, proud and happy, possible?

2. Effective / Effective; Vanity; Power / Activation. Stamina: Do you go, effectively, so that your efforts are as effective as possible? Do you progress, based on negative tendencies, to the ego, or what is really better, for you? What do you do, to inspire, motivate yourself, and energize you, in a positive way, to move forward with positive energy life? How will you be asked, as you go ahead, with the utmost real excellence you have? Only when you feel good about yourself, you will have the necessary and necessary endurance, to move forward, rather than surrender, to obstacles and challenges! Do you perceive obstacles as challenges to be overcome, rather than negative ones?

Listen to your inner voice. And learn, what makes you really happy, and why? Will you truly commit to life instead of existence?

4. FREEDOM; FUTURE; FUTURE; FEATURES: Will you go ahead, to free yourself from the constraints you impose upon yourself, and to have personal faith, your abilities, and believe in yourself? How will it look, to the bright future, achieve the best goals, and pay off?

Be aware of how to make yourself better, healthier, and more enthusiastic! It’s always up to you!

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